going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Going to the dentist isn't any fun, but it is one of those things that just has to be done. For years, I fought the process and didn't go for my regular cleanings and in the end, it sure didn't pay to do so. I ended up spending ten times as much time in the chair and a boat-load of money in dental repairs. If you don't like going to the dentist, you can make it easier on yourself. This blog will show you a few tips that can help you improve the experience and get through the treatment without as much discomfort.

going to the dentist with less anxiety

  • Find An Emergency Dental Clinic If You Or A Family Member Encounter These Problems

    21 March 2017

    There are a number of dental problems that you or your family members may encounter that should be treated in advance of your next dental checkup. While you can schedule an appointment with your family dentist if you notice something such as an achy tooth, you shouldn't wait for this appointment with issues that are more pressing. Instead, it's a good idea to find an emergency dental clinic in your city.

  • 3 Tips To Convince Your Stubborn Teen That They Do Need Braces

    20 March 2017

    As a parent, you want the best for your child in every respect, right down to hoping and doing all you can to ensure they have a lovely smile they can be proud to share with the rest of the world. While you may know that braces are a good idea for your teen or pre-teen, your child may not be so happy about the whole idea. In fact, they can be pretty stubborn about the whole idea at this age when their looks and appearance are such a big part of who they are.

  • Don't Let Bad Breath Keep You From Dating And Socializing

    14 March 2017

    Everyone has a little bad breath from time to time -- maybe after they eat garlic or when they just wake up in the morning. But when your bad breath is a constant, ongoing problem, it can become a major hindrance in your life. Ongoing bad breath can keep you from engaging in social situations and may even keep you from dating. If you're tired of letting halitosis ruin your dating and social life, take control by getting to the root cause of your condition.

  • Five Things That Lead To Thirty-Year Olds Wearing Dentures

    12 March 2017

    Often, you think of dentures as something the elderly wear. While that is true, there are people much younger than sexagenarians, septuagenarians and octogenarians that wear dentures. In fact, there are people in their thirties who wear dentures. Here are five things that lead to thirty-year-olds wearing dentures long before they should, and how their examples can help you avoid wearing dentures before your golden years. Poor Oral Hygiene Seriously poor oral hygiene always leads to tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss.

  • Reasons To Trade Candy For Sugarless Gum

    9 March 2017

    Candy makes a delicious treat, but it can wreak havoc on your oral health. Here are a few reasons why you should trade candy for sugarless gum: Candy contains sugar that feeds oral bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth have a favorite food, and it is sugar. Oral microbes can digest simple carbohydrates and during their digestive processes, acid is released. It is this bacterial acid that causes tooth decay. The acid dissolves the tooth enamel, causing cavities to develop.