going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Going to the dentist isn't any fun, but it is one of those things that just has to be done. For years, I fought the process and didn't go for my regular cleanings and in the end, it sure didn't pay to do so. I ended up spending ten times as much time in the chair and a boat-load of money in dental repairs. If you don't like going to the dentist, you can make it easier on yourself. This blog will show you a few tips that can help you improve the experience and get through the treatment without as much discomfort.

going to the dentist with less anxiety

Five Things That Lead To Thirty-Year Olds Wearing Dentures

Jordan Arnold

Often, you think of dentures as something the elderly wear. While that is true, there are people much younger than sexagenarians, septuagenarians and octogenarians that wear dentures. In fact, there are people in their thirties who wear dentures. Here are five things that lead to thirty-year-olds wearing dentures long before they should, and how their examples can help you avoid wearing dentures before your golden years.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Seriously poor oral hygiene always leads to tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. For people in their thirties who have done a horrible job of taking care of their teeth (i.e., not taking care of them at all!), they lose many of their teeth to rot and the rest have to be pulled. Having so few or no teeth, they have to resort to dentures to chew and to speak the rest of their natural lives.

Poor Diet

Poor diet is a problem too. If you eat nothing but sugary foods and drink nothing but soda pop, you will rot your teeth out faster because your body is unable to absorb the nutrition it needs to strengthen your teeth and gums from the inside out. If you have both a poor diet and poor oral hygiene, it is almost a guarantee that you will have dentures before you turn fifty.


Shooting drugs in your gums damages them and causes your gums to to rot. As the gums soften and the teeth weaken, the teeth fall out. This becomes rather obvious in people who shoot crack and meth. If you stay away from drugs, especially needle drugs, you will be fine.

Cigarettes and Chew Tobacco

Smoking several packs of cigarettes a day or sucking on several chew wads of tobacco rots your teeth and gums. Essentially the same thing happens as shooting up with drugs. Your gums become diseased and your teeth rot. Many long-time smokers or chew tobacco users do not quit until they either lose some teeth or contract oral cancer. If you use either of these products, quit while you can. If you do not use either, do not start and you will keep your own teeth longer.

Extremely Risky Behaviors

Extremely risky behaviors, which include skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, high diving, etc., can all result in damage to your face and teeth. These risky behaviors increase the possibility that you will lose more of your natural teeth before you are meant to. While it is okay to partake in these adventures once in a while, repeatedly doing them to excess increases the risk that you could lose your teeth and end up wearing dentures in your thirties.