going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Going to the dentist isn't any fun, but it is one of those things that just has to be done. For years, I fought the process and didn't go for my regular cleanings and in the end, it sure didn't pay to do so. I ended up spending ten times as much time in the chair and a boat-load of money in dental repairs. If you don't like going to the dentist, you can make it easier on yourself. This blog will show you a few tips that can help you improve the experience and get through the treatment without as much discomfort.

going to the dentist with less anxiety

4 Ways Dental Implants Can Preserve Your Youthful Look

Jordan Arnold

Losing one or more teeth in an accident or due to decay can drastically alter the way you look and perceive yourself. Dental gaps affect your self-confidence and your quality of life. Therefore, there's an urgent need to find a solution that will help restore your youthful appearance. Tooth implants are arguably the best solution for filling gaps. Here are some surprising ways that implants can protect your youthful appearance.

1. Protect Other Teeth From Falling Out

You might need to see a dentist immediately if you have lost teeth due to aging, injury, or dental infections. Beneath the gap, your bone may start to deteriorate. As adjacent teeth shift towards the gap, the space will lack enough stability to hold on to the teeth. This may lead to further tooth loss. You could lose an entire row of teeth, which may alter your appearance further. Therefore, you might need to get dental implants when you lose your first tooth to avoid future tooth loss and preserve your youthful appearance.

2. Enhance Your Smile

Sometimes patients go to the dentist with severely worn-out teeth that need to be extracted. This is a great time to find ways to improve your smile. Your dentist will remove any severely damaged or decayed teeth and replace them with an implant to restore your bite, teeth alignment, and appearance.

3. Avoid Challenges Associated with Other Treatment Solutions

Traditional prosthetics do an excellent job of replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, they don't provide a lasting solution and may contribute to bone loss, which might affect your facial appearance. For example, dentures may become loose and slip out when eating, talking, or coughing. These problems are commonly associated with the elderly. However, implants can help you avoid these drawbacks. Implants feel and look exactly like natural teeth, and no one will know that you have an implant.

4. Avoid a Sunken Facial Look

When you fail to replace lost teeth permanently, the supporting bone underneath the gap slowly lacks stimulation. This leads to bone loss. Your jawbone supports adjacent muscles and tissues, such as your cheeks. Facial droop will make you look older than your actual age. You'll want to get implants as soon as possible to prevent this problem. If you've already lost some bone mass, your dentist will recommend a bone graft procedure first before implant installation.

You can benefit from implants if you have one or more dental gaps. A great smile displays confidence and creates a great impression. Therefore, consult a dental implant treatment pro to begin your journey to a great smile.