going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

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going to the dentist with less anxiety

4 Dental Health Issues That Often Affect Children

Jordan Arnold

Taking care of children's dental health can be complicated. In addition to receiving less cooperation from the little ones, you could be lacking the right tools and knowledge to manage their oral health. Your children's diet and food choices can also greatly impact their dental health. Unfortunately, you can't monitor everything they consume. But you can still address any issues that come up. Here are four common dental issues among children and how your pediatric dentist can help you resolve them: 

Dental Decay

Tooth decay is a common dental health complication for children. Children's teeth are more sensitive than a grown-up's, and without regular cleaning and care, they will develop cavities fast. A significant portion of the toddler population has one or more decayed teeth in their mouths. Providing your little ones with toothpaste containing calcium and fluoride is a simple way to reinforce their teeth and prevent cavity formation. You can also focus on feeding them a diet high in calcium. If your dentist prescribes it, a fluoride supplement can also help prevent cavities. Most importantly, adhering to your bi-annual pediatric dental visits helps discover developing decay and resolve it in time. 

Tooth Misalignment

Like adults, some children suffer from tooth misalignment. Many inherit it, though in some cases it can result from issues in upbringing, such as excessive use of pacifiers and thumb sucking. Do not ignore misalignment since it can affect other oral functions such as speech and eating.

The best time to correct misaligned teeth is when your child is still developing because their gums are more flexible. The dentist might recommend options like dental wires to remedy the misalignment. In some cases, they might have to extract some of the baby teeth to allow the permanent ones to emerge in their proper alignment. 

Accidents and Injuries

Children are more likely to suffer accident-related dental injuries than most adults. That is because they run and play more often, which exposes them to the risk of trips and falls. Aside from that, young children may engage in fights, which can result in dental injuries. You should treat any impact-related injuries, no matter the cause, as dental emergencies to avert severe dental issues. See your child's dentist after your child suffers an injury that could affect your child's dental health. 

Gum Disease

While gum disease is not as common among kids as adults, some children experience it. The symptoms include a red gum line, swelling, and bleeding. Take your young one to the dentist immediately after you notice these signs. Early treatment helps slow down the condition's progression.

An ideal way to ensure your children have excellent oral health is by investing in the best oral healthcare practices. Involve a pediatric dentistry specialist, such as New England Dental Specialists of Norwood, as early as possible in their life for the best outcome.