going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

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going to the dentist with less anxiety

3 Reasons You Should Consider Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery Even If You Are Not Experiencing Pain

Jordan Arnold

The most common reason people inquire about having their wisdom teeth removed is because of pain or discomfort caused by a limited amount of space for these molars. However, not everyone experiences pain in conjunction with their wisdom teeth. Individuals who do not experience any pain or discomfort can often mistakenly believe that there is no need to see a dentist about having their wisdom teeth extracted. The truth is that pain is just one of the many reasons why you may wish to consider wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Below you can learn more about three of the reasons that this surgery may be in your best interest even if you are not experiencing any pain.

Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted

Your wisdom teeth can actually cause quite a bit of trouble even if they never break through your gums. In the event that your wisdom teeth are impacted, or stuck below the gum line, these molars can begin to grow sideways, putting pressure on your other teeth or causing damage to the teeth next to them. This can lead to a host of different problems that you may not even be aware of since it is all happening below the gum line where you cannot see it. This is why your dentist will want to take X-rays when evaluating your need for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Increased Risk Of Gum Disease

It is quite common for the gums surrounding the wisdom teeth to become swollen or inflamed. When this happens, it can create a pocket between the tooth and the gums. Bacteria and plaque can build up inside this pocket, leading to gum disease and a variety of other dental problems. In order to prevent this potential issue, many dentists will recommend wisdom teeth extraction surgery even if you have not currently experienced any ill effects from the presence of your wisdom teeth.

Your Mouth Is Overcrowded

Many people find that their mouth simply is not large enough to accommodate their wisdom teeth. For these individuals, having their wisdom teeth extracted will often be necessary in order to prevent issues with the alignment of their other teeth because as the mouth becomes overcrowded, the wisdom teeth can push on surrounding teeth causing them to shift resulting in a poor bite alignment. As a result, individuals may also find themselves in need of corrective procedures in order to straighten their remaining teeth once the wisdom teeth have been removed if the overcrowding was not corrected in its earliest stages.