going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Botox Injections To Support Corrective And Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Jordan Arnold

Some dentists administer Botox injections to counteract facial issues that are associated with a corrective or cosmetic dental procedure. Consider the following types of dental work and how they relate to you to determine if seeking Botox injections will be beneficial.

A Corrective Procedure

If some of your teeth are decayed and an extraction is going to be performed, your dentist may prescribe dental implants or dentures. With either of these dental devices, your mouth will need to naturally adjust to the increased pressure that the implants or dentures place against the gums and interior side of your lips.

The discomfort that you may initially experience could cause you to contort your face. Botox treatments block the transmitters in the facial muscles. This will prevent the muscles from contracting. Receiving a Botox injection could provide you with a viable way to maintain your normal mouth shape. 

A Cosmetic Procedure

Having veneers installed or receiving tooth whitening sessions may give you a reason to show off your smile. If you are suffering from fine lines around your mouth or if you are experiencing pain that is making it difficult for you to move your mouth in a normal manner, receiving a Botox treatment could rejuvenate the facial skin and provide it with a smoother appearance. The lack of muscle contractions around your mouth may make it easier for you to maintain symmetry when opening or closing your mouth or forming a smile.

A Consultation

Not all dentists offer Botox treatments. If receiving Botox is something that you would like to pursue and you are eventually going to receive a corrective or cosmetic dental procedure, consider consulting with a dentist who performs the dental work that you are seeking. 

During your consultation, you will learn how a particular procedure will be performed and how a Botox injection could support the results that you are seeking. Botox is a temporary solution. The results may last for a few months. Due to the likelihood that healing from a dental surgery or cosmetic procedure will have concluded within the same timeframe that Botox will remain effective, you may only need one Botox injection.

If you have a concern about facial lines and how they are affecting your appearance, you may want to receive follow-up Botox injections. There are some side effects that you may experience after receiving an injection. These include temporary swelling, redness, and headaches. Your dentist will explain all of the risks, prior to administering an injection.

Reach out to a dentist for more information about Botox