going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Four Reasons Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Necessary

Jordan Arnold

Wisdom teeth extraction isn't always necessary. However, the reason it's so common is that, more often than not, problems with the wisdom teeth occur for everybody. Your dentist will determine whether or not this is the case for you based on your current dental health and the position of the surrounding teeth in your mouth. Here are four of the main reasons extraction might be recommended for you:

Brushing Habits are Poor

If you don't show signs of good brushing habits when you visit your dentist, then your dentist will probably recommend extraction of the wisdom teeth once they begin to grow through. The reason for this is because the wisdom teeth are more susceptible to decay than any other tooth in the mouth. If brushing habits are poor, then it's a sign to your dentist that the decay that can occur is much more likely to happen and quickly, too.

Growing in Crooked

If the wisdom teeth are growing in crooked, this is another concern that calls for extraction. The reason is that they will likely be pushing up on the molars next to them, which can cause a shift in your smile. You definitely don't want this to occur, especially if you have already gone through the process of braces or you do not currently have a need for braces. Your dentist can catch this issue with the use of x-rays. If the wisdom teeth are seen as growing in crooked, extraction will be done before they come all the way through. This is the only way to completely prevent shifting. 

Overcrowding the Mouth

In some cases, there just simply might not be enough room in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to come through. In this case, extraction is needed to prevent any pushing of the teeth around where the wisdom teeth are trying to come through. If you already have a smile that is considered to be overcrowded, the wisdom teeth are definitely going to be the first removed if they are already grown through.

Spreading Decay

If your wisdom teeth are already pushed through and are decaying, your dentist is going to want to remove them not only because they now have no purpose being decayed, but also because decay spreads. The rest of your teeth become vulnerable at this point. 

These are just four specific reasons wisdom teeth are generally removed and they are all issues that only your dentist would be able to catch. This is why visiting your dentist regularly is so important so your wisdom teeth don't have a chance to cause issue. 

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