going to the dentist with less anxiety
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going to the dentist with less anxiety

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going to the dentist with less anxiety

Navigating Holiday Meals After A Dental Implant

Jordan Arnold

For many people, holidays revolve around meals shared with family and friends. Since your dentist may recommend a soft food diet for 5-7 days after they place a dental implant, you may not want to schedule your implantation around the holidays. However, if your dentist has an opening in their schedule because of the holidays or if you are traveling to see your dentist, your only option may be to have your implant placed slightly before a holiday. Below are a few tips to navigating holiday meals after a dental implant so you don't feel like you are missing out. 

Let People Know You Will Be Receiving an Implant 

Your friends and family may enjoy encouraging you to eat over the holidays. If they see you passing over food and do not know the reason, they may continuously pressure you to enjoy yourself and have some food. As soon as you schedule your placement, you should let the people you will spend the holiday with know that you will likely be on a modified diet. You can discuss possible food options with your dentist and let whoever is preparing the meal know what your restrictions are. They may be able to accommodate your diet more easily than you expect. 

Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol consumption after placing a dental implant may lead to several issues, including dry mouth, dilated blood vessels in your mouth, and a lowered effectiveness for antibiotics. For this reason, it is best to avoid alcohol for a few days before your placement and a few days after your placement. However, your dentist can let you know the risks. If you are not taking antibiotics and your healing is progressing as planned, your dentist may approve of light holiday drinking. 

Get Out of Prep 

If you usually prepare the holiday meals, let someone know that you will need help. After an implant placement, you may need a few days of rest before you feel up to cooking a large meal. 

Stick to Soft Foods 

There are plenty of holiday foods that can be consumed while you are on a soft food diet. Mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, and stuffing softened with gravy should all be easy to consume without irritating your implant. Well-roasted vegetables, such as carrots and parsnips should also not be a problem. If possible, prepare the foods without nuts, seeds, or rice, as these can get stuck in any open wounds and cause problems with your healing. 

You may have difficulties eating meat if the meal is soon after your placement. You may request the softest parts of meat and try eating a small amount or you may want to get creative and try blending the meat with some gravy to make a hearty soup. 

Don't Be Afraid to Try Things 

While there are certain foods that you should avoid, mainly nuts and small grains, your dentist will likely give you a window of time and a rough guide of foods that you can eat. This is because healing time varies and, depending on where in your mouth the implant was placed and how you eat your food, it may not be a problem for you to eat some of the harder foods. It is important to pay attention to how you feel and stop eating if you experience pain, discomfort, swelling, or bleeding around the implant. 

Concentrate on the Company 

Changing your diet should not ruin your holiday meal. Even if you only feel up to eating mashed potatoes and sipping on water, you should still be able to have an enjoyable gathering with your loved ones. Instead of concentrating on the food, concentrate on the conversation and spending quality time with people that you love. 

You may find that you are able to schedule an implant placement sooner than you think if you schedule it near a holiday. However, don't let the placement put you off of your meal. With a few adjustments you should be able to enjoy a relatively normal holiday gathering. 

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